Relate a Lead to an Account by Domain
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The Swantide Workflow is essential for streamlining your Salesforce processes and offers several advantages, particularly in linking Leads to Accounts through an account lookup.

One significant issue that frequently arises for sales representatives using Salesforce is the inadvertent inclusion of current customers among their leads. This can lead to uncomfortable situations where salespeople unknowingly call existing customers to pitch their products. Few things are as counterproductive for a salesperson as cold-calling existing customers. Leads typically enter the Salesforce system from various sources such as web forms and white paper downloads, with no built-in mechanism to check whether they are already customers.

The Swantide Workflow addresses this challenge by intelligently matching the Lead's Email Domain to the Account's Web Domain. This ensures that leads are properly associated with a related Account. This data linkage is crucial for the success of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). ABM relies on what is commonly referred to as a "single customer view," where you have complete confidence that your data provides a comprehensive and accurate representation for every record. In the context of ABM, this might be better termed a "single account view." This workflow gives you transparency between who your prospects are and if they already belong to an account.

When Deploying this Workflow, your variable inputs will be:

  1. Lead Domain - Select the formula field in your Salesforce environment that hosts the Email Domain of the Lead.

  2. Account Lookup - Select the Account Lookup field thats on your Lead Object.

  3. Account Domain - Select the Account Domain Formula Field that is derived from the Account's Website

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