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Update Lead Pick-List Value after X Days of Inactivity
Update Lead Pick-List Value after X Days of Inactivity
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This Swantide Workflow automatically updates a Lead's Pick-List Value after the Lead has had no activity within a set Day Range.

The Swantide Workflow, "Update Lead Pick-List Value after X Days of Inactivity", is set to run on a daily basis, and checks for related Tasks or Events on the Lead object.

Based on the variable input "Please enter the number of days on Inactivity from the Lead in which you want to update the Lead's Pick-List Field based on the input you provided above",you can set the number of days since the Last Activity was logged on the Lead. Then, the flow will update a Pick-List Field (Lead Status in this example) on the Lead if they haven't had a Task and Event logged in X amount of Days.

For example, if you're tracking Leads and their level of Activity Attribution (IE Task or Event), you can update the Lead Status back to "Revisit" if the last Task or Event date is greater than or equal to 60 days from the current date.

Lets break down this Workflow a bit further by Variable Input:


What it does:

Do you want the automation to include Leads without any initial activity as well? Type Yes, to update the Picklist Field for these Lead, or Type No, to only update Leads with previous Activity Logged.

This is a critical input, essentially you are saying whether or not to consider Lead to be included if they haven't had any Task or Events to begin with.

If you enter "Yes", then not only are Leads that have stale Tasks or Events are included, but Leads that never have had any Task or Events will also be marked to be updated.

If you enter "No", then only consider the Lead's that have had at least 1 Task or Event in the Past to be included to be updated. Essentially, ignore any Lead's that have had zero outreach.

Please enter the Entry Criteria for which Leads should be in scope when the Schedule Trigger Flow runs.

Here you are entering the Pick-List field and value in scope when the flow runs to include the Leads to potentially update.

Therefore, in the screenshot below, any Leads with the Pick-List Value "Attempting to Lead" will be part of the automation at run time.

Please enter in the Pick-List Field that you would like to get updated.

This is the Pick-List Field in Scope that will get updated, if the Leads has had no previous Tasks or Events in range based on the Number of Days you assign below.

Therefore, if a Lead hasn't had a Task or Event in the past 60 Days (greater or equal to), then the field Lead Status will get updated to Revisit.

Please enter the number of days of Inactivity for Leads that'll necessitate an update on a particular Pick-List Field based on the input you provided above.

This is the number variable you can set for the number of days of Inactivity.
In the below screenshot, I inputted the Number "60" therefore, if the Lead has had no Tasks or Events within or equal to 60 days, then their Lead Status will be updated to "Revisit"

Example of Variable Input:

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