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Associate Multiple Contacts to an Onboarding Cycle Record
Associate Multiple Contacts to an Onboarding Cycle Record
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The Swantide Workflow enables the creation of a Junction Object linking Onboarding Cycles and Contacts. This functionality is essential for establishing a Many-to-Many Relationship, allowing multiple contacts to be associated with various onboarding cycles and vice versa, enhancing data organization and accessibility.

When deployed in your Environment, you will need to add the Related List to both your Onboarding Cycle Page Layout and Contact Page Layout.

From there, if you already have a Contact Record and/or Onboarding Cycle Record, you can modify the Lightning Page by hitting the Cog Wheel on the upper right corner, and by clicking Edit Page.

This will bring you to the Lighting Page Layout. You will want to add a Related List Single > Then Select "Onboarding Cycle Contact" as the Related List.

Once Completed and you hit "Save" your Lightning Record Page should look something like this.

Repeat the Same Process for the Contact Page Layout and Contact Lighting Page.

Don't have a Record to Edit the Page from? No worries! Navigate to Setup Up > Search for Lightning App Builder. Edit the Page in Reference.

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