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With the Swantide Notes Workflow, team members can effortlessly create Notes for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities out of the box (OOTB). If your organization utilizes Custom Objects like Product Instance or Onboarding Cycles , this workflow also supports lookup relationships from the Swantide Notes custom object.

The Swantide Notes object is a tremendous solution for advanced note-taking, building Automations, and sending Slack communications. Additionally, with this workflow, users can enjoy enhanced dynamic note-taking functions and consolidate information from Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities to Accounts. Furthermore, users can generate reports on these notes and seamlessly post messages to Slack!

This solution is a huge upgrade from Salesforce native notes, which has many limitations. Below are examples of challenges users experience with native Notes:

  • Notes added to contacts and opportunities don’t roll up under the associated account.

  • Notes aren’t automatically added to the parent account.

  • Reports can only display Notes taken via the "Notes" tool. Notes created via the "Notes & Attachments" related list cannot be reported upon.

  • It is not currently possible to create a Custom Report Type for Files and Content and as such, it is not possible to report on Notes related to a specific object.

  • The Notes related list isn't supported in Visualforce pages.

  • The New Note button isn’t available on the Notes & Attachments related list, or as a global action in Lightning App pages in the Salesforce mobile app.

Once Enabled, Update the Page Layout:

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager

  • Search for Note

  • Go to Page Layout > Notes Layout

  • [Recommend Page Layout Settings]

    • Add a New Section - Relabel this as "Body"

    • If Using a Slack Integration add the Plain Text Body Label > Name: Body_Plain_text

      • Reason for Plain Text is that currently the Salesforce to Slack Integration does not support Rich Text OOTB but we are looking to create an Apex Class for this

    • If not using a Slack Integration with this Custom Object you can use the Rich Text Body Field > Name: Body

Once Enabled Add the Notes Custom Object to the Related Lookup Page Layouts and Lightning Pages:

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager

  • Search for Each Object (Lead, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities for starters)

  • Within each Object > Go to Page Layouts

  • Select the Default Page Layout your Org is using

  • Go to Mobile & Lightning Actions

  • Remove the existing "New Note" button

  • Drag the other button called "New Note" with the api name "ObjectName.Swantide_Notes__c" to Salesforce Mobile and Lightening Experience Actions

  • Click Save

  • Go to Setup > Search "Lightning App Builder"

  • Edit the Notes Record Page

  • Add in any Related Lists you wish. We recommend, Notes for Parent Account

Once Enabled Add the Notes Custom Object to Tabs:

  • Click on Tab Style. Select style. We recommend Royal Purple 😀

  • Click on Insert Image

  • Look for the File Location Called "Logo" > Select Logo

  • Click Next > Make the Profile Visibility for all Profiles > Click Save on the Next Section so its added to all your Salesforce Apps!

How to create a note:

On an Account, Contact, or Opportunity record, go to the header of the record, and click the button, “New Note”

This will pop up an action where you can enter the contents of your note.

Depending on the record where you invoked the action, that record in scope will already be related to the Note.

Simultaneously, you can also relate the note to other records.

Slack Notification:

  • When creating a note from an opportunity, a Slack message will fire once you save the note.

  • One limitation with Slack at the moment is that Slack Messages do not come through as Rich Text.

  • Contents of the notes you create are in rich text format. Therefore, when they are transferred over to Slack, they will have their HTML markup such <p> for new paragraphs.

  • We will soon have a version of this product that strips away the Rich Text but this requires an APEX class which Professional Service Orgs do not support.

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