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Swantide Product Data Package
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By syncing product/workspace sign-ups into Salesforce automatically, Swantide helps you:

  • Maintain a clean account hierarchy, which is especially difficult for PLG companies where 1 Account may have multiple workspaces

  • Bring in product usage metrics and actual committed revenue for workspaces.

See below for the product data package technical requirements and workflows enabled. Reach out to your CSM if you would like to talk through this further.

Product data package technical requirements

System Overview

Syncing product or usage data into Salesforce is broken down into the three components: data source, data destination, and how the data moves from the source to the destination. This document outlines the requirements and responsibilities to get this system up and running.

Data Source: A table in your Data Warehouse

Data Destination: A custom object in your Salesforce called a Product Instance that has a relationship to Accounts, Contacts and Leads

Ongoing Data Sync: A third party IPaaS, like Workato or Census, pushes the data from your table to Salesforce on an ongoing basis

Dependencies on your team

You team is responsible for the Data Source and the Ongoing Data Syncing:

  • Your engineering team will need to prepare a table in your data warehouse that represents each instance or workspace in your product (See details below)

    • Typical timeline for getting this table being pulled together depends entirely on the state of your engineering infrastructure. Let us know if you’d like your engineering team to set up time with Swantide technical support to discuss in detail or give advice!

  • Your sales or ops team will need to purchase a third party IPaaS to push this data into the Product Instance custom object in Salesforce.

    • If you use Workato or Census, the time commitment from your team regarding setup for the IPaaS should be about ~15 min total. We provide looms and guides for these common tools to make it super easy and painless.

What Swantide Provides

We provide the destination in your Salesforce for this data via a custom object called a Product Instance and we handle the logic to match workspace with your pre-existing accounts and contacts or create new leads and contacts related to this product instance. We surface the most important information your reps need to close new deals and expansions.

Data Model and Automations in Salesforce

  • We provide a custom object in Salesforce to support Product Instance Data

  • We handle mapping product instances to appropriate contacts, accounts, and leads in Salesforce via a background automation

  • We create a new lead or contact for an admin if they do not yet exist in your system

  • Advice and standards on which data will be most useful to reps

  • Roll up summary metrics from multiple product instance related to a single account

  • Product Instance Management Dashboard showing new and un-actioned Product Instances

Workflows enabled for your reps

  • Give account managers an up-to-date 360 view of their clients’ usage

  • Give account executives access to data about new signups, features, and revenue for their accounts

  • View lists of signups, their usage patterns, and key features like work or personal email address to target outreach to self-serve sign ups and easily process them

Data and reporting

  • Relate sales success to product usage metrics for better sales targeting

  • ARR, MRR, CRR etc from existing clients

  • Roll up ARR, MRR, CRR from all Product Instances associated with an account

  • Distinguish Sales-driven revenue from self-serve revenue

  • Signups from work vs personal emails

  • Signups over time

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