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Formula Field to Check BANT Complete on Opportunities
Formula Field to Check BANT Complete on Opportunities
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A recommended Workflow to enable before enabling this Workflow is Track BANT Fields on Opportunity Records. Which you can read about here.

With this Swantide Workflow, you can deploy a Formula Field to check whether or not BANT has been completed. You can use this Formula Field in reports to get on a pulse on which records have had BANT completed. Additionally, this can be used in Validation Rules to enforce reps to enter key BANT fields before moving an Opportunity to a specific Stage.

Use Case 1: You already Enabled Track BANT Fields on Opportunity Records

  • If you already enabled the Workflow "Track BANT Fields on Opportunities" then you can add your Variable Inputs as displayed in the below screenshot. These 4 fields are the Key fields for BANT.

  • Once a Rep updates an Opportunity Record and has entered in values for these 4 Fields then the BANT Complete Checkbox will equal true.

  • This will help you then identify Opportunities in a report that have been successfully prospected for BANT. Further more, you can use this Checkbox as a safeguard in a Validation Rule to ensure Reps are entering in key BANT data before moving them to a specific Stage.

Use Case 2: BANT with a Little Bit more Flair!

Keeping track of the 4 Key BANT fields is cool but what if you want to also include other fields as part of your BANT Methodology? Well you can do just that with Swantide! In the below screenshot, I extended the BANT Complete Formula Checkbox to also check if there is an Economic Buyer on the Opportunity or if the Number of Opportunity Contact Roles is not blank (therefore more than 1)

Once the Rep enters a value for all these fields then BANT will be marked as Complete!

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