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Getting Started with MEDPICC Sales Methodology and Swantide
Getting Started with MEDPICC Sales Methodology and Swantide
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MEDPICC is a popular sales qualification methodology used by many businesses to prioritize and qualify Opportunities.

The MEDPICC methodology helps sales professionals determine whether a potential customer is a good fit for their product or service and whether it's worth investing time and resources in pursuing the sale.

A prerequisite to this Workflow is first to enable, Track MEDDPICC Fields on Opportunities, which this Help Center Article covers.

Swantide's MEDPICC Workflow helps guide your users through a MEDPICC Cycle.

Using the MEDPICC button on the Opportunity record you can invoke a Screenflow to enter in your MEDPICC information. Once a rep has gone through the whole screen/process a backend check is update the Checkbox "MEDDPICC" Complete which is helpful when pulling up an Opportunity report to see how far your reps are progress with MEDDPICC in their Opportunities.

After Deploying the Workflow, you will have to add the MEDDPICC Button on your Opportunity Page Layout so Reps can start using this.

View the Screen Flow in Action!

When the Screen Flow is invoked from the Opportunity using the MEDPICC Button, then the rep is presented with the following user inputs.

Once the reps, have gone through all the screens, then the inputs will show up on your opportunity as such.
It is recommended, to not put the "MEDDPICC Complete?" Field onto the page layout as the Flow should be updating this value.

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